A collection of recent journal articles.

Admissions and advertising: Students’ perception of social media advertising as a recruiting tool

2021-Journal of Digital and Social Media Marketing

Abstract: A qualitative study was performed to understand how students perceive, interpret and are influenced by social media advertising during the college search. Students reported that they are open to advertising, expect advertising and assume higher education institutions (HEIs) will engage in business-like activities. Furthermore, they assess the health of HEI brands based on the quality and relevancy of their advertising and interpret frequency and production quality as indicative of education quality. This study focuses on social media advertising in a broad sense.

The head, the heart and how: How to use consumer decision-making and information-processing models to plan and develop search marketing campaigns

2020-Journal of Education Advancement & Marketing

Abstract: Enrollment management marketers continue to face increasing demands as higher education institutes grapple with enrollment trends. To assist in creating more effective search marketing campaigns, the author draws on relevant consumer behaviour models and academic research to develop a messaging framework that enrolment management marketers can use to develop messaging strategies for search campaigns.

It Only Works if it All Works: An Analysis of Integrated Marketing Communications and its Application for Enrollment Management Marketers

2020-Journal of Marketing Communications for Higher Education

Abstract: With the challenges presented by a constricting marketplace and shifting demographics, enrollment marketers are under increased pressure to improve recruitment outcomes. To recruit, enrollment marketers must navigate an increasingly complex media environment effected by, media fragmentation, cluttered media experiences, multitasking and evolving media-related consumption behaviors, disjointed customer journeys and shorter paths to purchase. Outside of the industry, this has sparked a renewed interest in integrated marketing communications and cross-channel synergies. Drawing on a review of relevant academic research and guided by enrollment marketing needs, the author offers insight and cross-media applications to strengthen integrated marketing efforts across consumer touchpoints. With an enhanced understanding of integrated marketing communications (IMC) and cross-channel effects, practitioners can develop more effective recruitment campaigns and produce better marketing outcomes.

Communications planning: What it is, why it is important and how enrollment management marketers can apply it

2020-Journal of Education Advancement & Marketing

Abstract: Navigating a constricting marketplace, media fragmentation, complex customer journeys and razor-thin enrollment goals, enrollment management marketers are faced with the need to make their efforts more effective. As the current ‘search’ model continues to be questioned, the move from finding the most efficient way to distribute communications to a new model to produce more effective outcomes has yet to be explored. Using communications planning as a framework, this paper details how enrollment management marketers can use the framework for a more effective way to produce better marketing outcomes.

Digital Advertising and the Marketing Mix: A review of current literature and implications for Higher Education Marketers

2019 — Journal of Marketing Communications for Higher Education

Abstract: By 2020, more than $117 billion will be spent on digital and mobile advertising in the U.S. As college bound populations shrink, shift and are out priced by some in-state rates, the need to increase higher ed digital marketing budgets will increase, as well. In order to improve marketing effectiveness, practitioners must develop a stronger understanding of how to maximize digital marketing’s place in the marketing mix. This paper culls current marketing effectiveness research and presents practical implications for higher ed marketing professionals.